(A SEZ Unit)

Plast-O-Fine Industries is a decade old, manufacturing and a trading company, primarily engaged in recycling of polymers and plastics. We manufacture raw materials of plastics such as LDPE/LLDPE, HDPE, Poly propylene etc. via recycling of respective scraps. We also manufacture various types of Plastic Compounds as well as articles such as HDPE Barrels (FOT) upto75 lts capacity.

Our main products are LDPE/LLDPE Agglomerates & Granules, for film extrusion grade, Rotomoulding and injection grade in natural, white & various seperate colours. The quality of our reprocessed material is guaranteed.

LD/LDPE LD/LLDPE Agglomerates Granules

We also Manufacture & Export

We Manufacture Polyester (PET ) strap of International Strandards from suitable Raw material for use in packaging  of  bales, wooden boxes, cartons, Metal sheets, etc. We have in-house R&D Facilities and are committed to continuous development of better products for packaging needs.

Quality of  Pet strapping shall meet International standard and Test report shall be made available for Specs for the supplied product.