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Plastics Raw Materials


  • LLDPE/LDPE Granuals and Agglomerates: Produce in general purpose extrusion grade/ Rotomulding grade / Injection moulding grade in Natural / Black / various separate colours. Being used in general purpose film extrusion / Liner and Routomulded tanks.
  • HDPE/HM Granuals and Agglomerates – Produced in blow moulding , extrusion and Inj grade in natural / black and various separate colours. Used in blow molding containers, HM/HDPE film extrusion, and Injection Moulding.
  • Poly Proplene (PP) for ropes extrusion & injection moulding.
  • LLDPE rotomoulding compound. Black/ Natural, pulverized material for tanks etc.
  • PVC Granuals / Grinding, for cable, pipes, and profiles.
  • PMMA /Poly Carbonate, ABS and other engineering plastics for various applications.